Why subscribe to ELOGOS?

It will make you think when you don’t want to, but it helps. It can make you laugh or remember which is almost always a good thing. It will go directly to your inbox where you can read it or delete it. Of course, if I know that you delete, I will be crushed but I won’t know. So there. Win-win.

A little history….

ELOGOS - the name was a variation of the “email.” E- for electronic and LOGOS is the Greek word for….well, “word.” For Christian types, LOGOS is a big word….like mega, uber, universe, big. It was a tongue-in-cheek name for a daily devotional I started 25 years ago for college students I served in campus ministry. They told me they would read it if I kept it short. How short, I asked. Short enough so that they don’t have to scroll to reach the end. So ELOGOS is a grandiose name for a diminutive devotional message. Since my retirement, I have morphed the format of ELOGOS from a bible verse, pithy message, and prayer to narrative poetry on random topics.