Deep End

Deep End by debgrant

I am of a type.



Rather do it myself.

Stand on my own two feet.

I need no one.

No one needs me.

That one doesn’t feel right

Neither does the one before.

I need to think about it.

I don’t understand quickly or enough.

Feelings are hard to blueprint, to map

or dissect.

The fridge isn’t working.

I go to the limit of my stubborn independence

and then I give up.

Calling for help always feels like giving up.

I walked a line from the “pick me up” of childhood

to “I can do it myself” to

“I need help.”

Independence is an illusion.

A summit where we take a selfie

and return to earth.

My thinking is always too linear, too binary.

My feelings are more like floating

in the deep end

with a friend.


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