Far Side of the Moon

Far Side of the Moon by debgrant

I went to sea in a ship because

I wanted to see what I couldn’t see

from where I sat.

I sailed from my up, my north to my down, my south.

I was told the moon would look upside down to me.

It did. To my Aussies friends, it looked, well, right side up.

They laughed at me when I told them I was glad that gravity works.

I didn’t fall off when I stepped down under.

My naivete has sprung a leak lately.

The moon has a far side that Pink Floyd called dark but

if being in the dark still means being naive then

I have been in the dark about the moon’s far side.

The moon rotates around the earth but we can’t see the far side

whether we are in Texas or Queensland.

NASA sent a camera into space far enough to let the moon

take a selfie of its far side.

I am delighted to see the far side as I was to cross the equator on the open sea.

My naivete has been leaking an ocean.

And I admit I want to be the cliche. To stick my head in the sand.

But I see how much I haven’t seen of how others live and fear.

I see how far out I will need to go out on the open ocean of my fear to understand where some of us stand with holes at the ready in the sand.

And others just want to breathe.

I can’t unsee the far side now.

It has a face.