Holding Rope

Holding Rope by debgrant

Breakfast with a hummingbird

when over the shoulder of my house came

a beaded thread of larger birds.

Too high to recognize

except for their migrating pattern.

Their string constantly shifting but alining,

tugging the line one way then another

as if they were nursery school children

holding a rope.

Do we have a holding rope?

Did we lose it? Have we dropped it?

Have we re-purposed it for hate?

How will we find a holding rope?

How can we agree to hold it?

We can always let go.

We know too well how to let go.

How can we agree to be the holding rope

that holds us together as we push and pull,

as we find our way home?


(This is my first ELOGOS post from a new list service called Substack. Let me know if you have any problems with it. I will do my best to address it. Thank you!)