Holy Week

Holy Week by debgrant

I thought this week felt like a whole season.

Or maybe it was the time change that threw me off….it didn’t help.

But it involved waiting….Advent with all the stories

of coming change, upheaval, rejection, counting, cruel leaders, and promises of peace.

But it also involved numbers of people who will never see another Christmas

So it felt like a long Lent and worse. Sickness, power grabs, killing, blaming.

But it involved eating….comfort eating…a way to commune with oneself,

you need to eat. it affirms life even when life doesn’t sound like the best option.

But it involves empty hours of grieving all the pain of this season of pain.

Easter is still a dream. Or is it bird that flies whether or not we see a silhouette or feel the air stirred by wings? The bird is beyond my reach but maybe I can help it find

a place to land.

I planted a tree yesterday. The instructions said to nick the dead shell a little with a nail file before planting. To help this holy week along. To help weakened the grip of death. Like digging a trench to move a tomb stone out of the way.