nuevo vino

poems, pandemic, pulpitries

Nuevo Vino is my new little book. Available now at or It is also on Amazon, but that Caesar takes a big bite.

This book is a collection of poems I have offered on ELOGOS over the last couple years. This means my faithful readers of ELOGOS will have already read these. This book is dedicated to my ELOGOS readers who have been so gracious to me. During this time where the distance between us feels even more vast, I wanted to put something in your hands. It is a little book, 94 pages, pocket-sized and I hope, for most, reasonably priced at $10.95. If that is too much, please let me know….we can work that out easily.

I was inspired by the Spirit working through a couple artists I know. I am altering my goals for my writing and art from the ego-driven dream of money and notoriety to a more tender and honest goal of sharing the gifts I have been given with as many people as possible. Nuevo Vino means new wine since it represents a transition from pulpit to poetry. This little book is a new wineskin. My plans are to offer more little books on different themes. I hope this creates a format worthy of sharing, hand to hand, beloveds to beloveds for you. I will keep offering ELOGOS via email. I am deeply grateful for you.

Stay well and God’s Peace,