Season of WOW

Wow is still my favorite word.

In this season of woe,

I have been hungry for wow.

After decades of teaching youth

that boredom is a dirty word,

an insult to creation and Creator,

a true indicator of one’s infection of entitled dullness,

I heard myself say wow aloud this morning and immediately

wondered how long it had been since I said it last.

I want to thank the Nobel Prize Committee for this

season of daily WOW.

I love how they announce one prize a day

To give each previously unknown to most of the world,

their day of well-earned wow.

Summed up in a sentence, the winners’ work was weeks

and years of woe and wows. Individuals and sometimes

groups across the globe worked separately on singularities.

This year so far….advancement in hepatitis and understanding

the darkest places of the universe. Infinitely micro activity within us

to enormous phenomena light-years away. The people who have

spent their lives swimming in daily data that would make the rest

of us yawn. They swing like free climbers from

one handhold piece of evidence to the next to understand the mountain.

There are millions like them.

And this time of year, a few get recognized.

And the rest of us, if we are paying attention, say WOW.

WOW is addictive.

Especially after a drought.

WOW is what we need right now to

spark our psyches and souls dulled by dullards.

Today I wish you wow.